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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Best Hair Loss Treatment - 3 Herbal Healing Cures For Your Hair Loss By Ronnie Taggy

One of the problems man encounter with their physical appearance is when receding hairline begins to appear and finding the best hair loss treatment is one of the things they seek. There is in fact an increasing demand for such treatments today. The problem is that people who are having this condition are seeking for the best treatment without first determining the underlying causes of their hair problem.
Hair loss is one of the most sensitive man issues that have cropped up through time. Most men, about 90 percent of them, suffer baldness or what is known medically as androgenic Alecia. Its medical term suggests that genetics play a major role in thinning hair and eventually a gradual reduction in hair. Most men who suffer androgenic Alecia at a younger age are known to have balding ancestors on either side of their parents. There are other factors though that contribute to this aside from genetics and hormonal causes, and these are one's diet, environment factors, and the use of specific bodybuilding supplements.
Herbal treatments
Herbs are an alternative way of treating hair loss. It is a natural treatment without the negative side effects.
Ginkgo Bilbao. This herb is popularly known to aid blood circulation leading to the brain. Increased blood circulation indicates more nutrients that are brought into the hair follicles thus preventing hair growth retardation.
Green Tea. This herb is known to be one of the best treatments for your hair follicles. It contains catechise that restrict the change of testosterone into DHT, one of the leading causes of male pattern baldness. Green tea also has components that relax the blood vessels, in effect, improving the blood circulation into the hair follicles.
He Shou Wu. This is one of the treatments used by the Chinese for several ages already. This is a traditional Chinese medicine that is known to sustain kidneys and liver. The blood on the liver feeds the head and the hair and thus helps control the balding process. This herb is clinically proven to be the best baldness treatments. Dosage is recommended at five tablets taken three times a day.
Getting Help
A breakthrough product in the market provides a natural approach to promote hair growth. It nourishes new hair without causing any side effects. It means natural healing for balding problems. Besides herbs, this product is the best hair loss treatment that is available online.
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